Below are some of my projects from both school and work:

Class Project Description Work Project Description
Partial Grant Proposal
Grant Proposal
Course: Library Management
-I completed a grant proposal along with close collaboration with one UPMC Health Sciences Library in 2012.
One page of LibGuide (not yet published)
LibGuide for Biology Research
Work: CMU Science Libraries
-I updated the LibGuides for biology research at CMU in 2013.
Full poster
Medical Informatics Poster
Course: Medical Informatics
-This is a poster I completed on patient access to the EHR in 2012.
Mobile Apps for Physicians Handout
Work: UPMC Medical Library
-I designed the Mobile Apps piece to be apart of the handouts for physicians at the hospital in 2013.
Full PPT presentation
Health Sciences Group Presentation
Course: Health Resources and Services
-This is a group presentation I worked on in response to a real health science question in 2012.
Full Prezi
Visual Libraries in Medicine Presentation
Course: Digital Scholarship
-This is a Prezi that I created for a presentation on the topic of visual libraries in 2013.